Examples of Common Industry Use Cases
for Digital Mobile Forms

Site Inspections App with Dispatch
Site Inspections App, With Dispatch

App Feature: Field Level GPS

Site inspections performed by the client are highly regulated and important for preserving public safety. Each form field has GPS & Time tracking for alerting and verification of mission critical work. Data is than pushed into a fillable PDF form for corporate records

Work Orders App with Dispatch
Work Orders App, Dispatch, Workflow

App Feature: Supervisor Sign-Off

Work orders are dispatched to the field. Once the work order is completed the electronic form is forwarded to a supervisor for sign-off. The engineer is notified when sign-off is complete so that they can leave the inspection site

Safety Checklist App
Safety Check & Alert App, Workflow

App Feature: Automated Alerts

All staff are equipped to report safety issues within the manufacturing plant. As soon as a safety issue is identified maintenance is alerted in-App with documentation, photo's and the safety severity level

Site and Buildings Inspection App
Site & Building Inspections App

App Feature: Instructions & Report

Management performs regular building inspections. The location is selected from a drop list revealing site specific instructions, access codes, and special notes. Once submitted the digital report is delivered to multiple parties and published to a fillable PDF form

Heath and Safety Compliance App
Health & Safety Compliance Audit

App Feature: Dynamic Updates

Safety compliance audit forms are automatically updated with changes each time the HSE begins a new form. Small changes and updates to the audit forms occur frequently due to changing equipment and changes to compliance standards.

Invoice Generator App
Invoice Generator App, Fillable PDF

App Feature: Use of Fillable PDF

The company's standard fillable PDF invoice was provided and mapped into the App within the same day. Invoices are now automatically delivered to clients, accounts department, and the agent upon submission.

Mileage Log Mobile App
Mileage Logging App

App Feature: GPS & Time Tagging

Drivers can quickly create each mileage log entry along with calculations performed and full tracking of location and times. Completed logs are automatically delivered in spreadsheet and PDF format to corporate as well as to the drivers email

Dispatch Forms App
Business Forms App, Dispatch, Workflow

App Feature: Custom Forms

The system needed to handle many types of business forms, timesheets, work orders with dispatch, mileage logs, expense tracking and multi-person sign-off sheets. All of these are accommodated in a single App

Equipment Safety and Maintenance App
Equipment Safety and Maintenance Checklist App

App Feature: Work Order Creation

During the equipment safety check if any item needs repair a work order in generated and sent to maintenance with the vehicle ID, issue identified, and related photos

Timesheets App
Timesheets App, Activity Tracking

App Feature: GPS & Time Stamp

The created timesheet App allows capture of photo's and an accurate time log of the daily activity using field level GPS & time stamp for each activity in combination with hide and show rules to create an expanding time tracking of activity

Incident Reporting App
Accident / Incident Reporting App

App Feature: Photo, Video Capture, Annotations

Claims needed extensive photo documentation tied to comments and ratings. The generated form and App streamlined data collection of information using Android Camera's with full OS capabilities

Beat Tracking and Security App
Beat Tracking & Incident Reporting

App Feature: Work Order Creation

Selecting a site reveals the location specific instructions. Repeatable sections are then used to select the activity being performed, clear checks, collect photo's, identify unusual activity and vehicles. Zapier is than used to push the completed log into the site specific folder for client access

Daily Vehicle Safety Inspection App
Daily Vehicle Safety Inspection App

App Feature: Cloud Database

Client has a large fleet of vehicles. Converting daily vehicle safety checklists from paper to electronic forms allows the business to track, store and analyze the data in a cloud database.

Field Services App
HVAC Workorder App, Dispatch

App Feature: Dispatch

Maintenance work orders are dispatched to field staff with details of the order and client information embedded into the form including unit type, prior work completed, etc. Upon completion the client automatically receives a statement of work completed

Expense Tracking App
Expense Tracking App, Receipt Photos

App Feature: Offline Forms, Photo Capture

Sales and support team are able to complete expense reports while in-flight. Client found that in-flight time was the best time for sales and support staff to complete travel related expense reports using repeatable sections

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