Modernize Your Forms In 3 Simple Steps

Mobile Forms for Paperless Data Collection

Digital Forms Builder

1. Build

Build Your Own Custom Mobile Forms Using Our Powerful Form's Builder

Mobile Forms App

2. Collect

Collect Rich Data Sets using our Intuitive Mobile Applications

Distribute Reports and Data

3. Distribute

All the features of your advanced workflows for internal forms can be used in web forms, even allowing submissions to carry from external users to internal operations, such as from a customer request, to work order generation, to field inspection.

paperless data collection
Robust Online Form Builder

A Form Builder with Extreme Flexibility

Our flexible form builder can be used to build digital forms tailored to fit your specific data collection needs without any technical experience required.

FastField Forms Builder
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FastField Offline Mobile Forms App
Mobile Forms App for iOS and Android

Intuitive Mobile Apps to Make Data Entry a Breeze

Forms setup in the form builder are published and dispatched to users in the field. Forms are completed using the FastField Mobile Forms App.

Transform Data into meaningful information

Visualize Your Data in Realtime

Identify trends in your data and compare key performance indicators (KPIs) using built-in dashboards. Use filters to interactively isolate and analyze specific subsets of data and segments of your business.

FastField Business Insights Dashboard
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Automate Your Data Collection Workflow

Enterprise Grade Mobile Forms Software

Customizable Forms Builder

Fully Customizable

Build inspection, audits, checklists, timesheets or any other custom form

Offline Data Collection App

Offline Data Capture

Collect form data in remote locations even without an Internet connection

Automated Report Delivery

Automated Report / Data Delivery

Map your FastField forms directly to your PDF and Word Report templates

Image Capture and Annotations

Image Capture with Annotations / Drawings

Photo Capture with Date/Time and GPS Location Stamping and Drawings

Location Tracking

GEO Tagging / TimeStamps

Tag data elements with latitude/longitude coordinates and timestamps to identify where and when data was collected

Digital Paperless Workflow

Dispatch and Dynamic Workflow / Integrations

Automate form dispatch and delivery of reports/data based on your specific business rules and workflow


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Setup and Deploy Your Own Data Collection App

Create Your Own Digital Forms!