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Streamline Environmental Inspections

Build dynamic digital environmental inspection forms in minutes. Easily customize forms to monitor compliance with specific permits and adapt to changing regulations. Instantly dispatch forms to the field for mobile data collection and real-time reporting.

Paper Forms to Web App to Mobile App

Capture Clear, Accurate Evidence

Embed photo and video evidence of environmental compliance (like proper storage and labeling of hazardous waste) or any issues that arise (like waste build-up or leaks). Reduce human error when reporting through easy-to-use digital form features:

• Checklists
• Dropdown selections
• Auto-calculations
• Auto-populated fields
• Multimedia capture
• Location & time stamps

Digital Inspection Report with Tasks


Real-Time Alerts for Corrective Action

Digital Inspection Report with Tasks

Keep the back office connected to what’s happening in the field in real time by creating easy-to-follow inspection reports and punch lists. Eliminate input errors and ensure the data that’s collected is fully accurate with these fraud-protection features:

• Auto-filled fields
• Embedded dropdown lists
• Annotated photos
• Videos
• Voice memos
• Geotagged data
• Electronic signatures
• Required form fields

Avoid environmental harm, safety risks and violations by allowing real-time alerts for swift corrective action. Does a monitoring instrument need repair? Is the air quality not up to par? Set up automated alerts for detected issues or low inspection scores. Submit follow-up tasks from the field with priority levels, due dates, instructions and photo/video evidence for quick resolution.


Automate Your Inspection Workflow

Digital Inspection Report with Tasks

Predetermine the delivery method and destination of inspection reports and work orders. FastField’s Global Workflow gives you the flexibility and intelligence you need to make sure your data doesn’t fall through the cracks. Set up an automated approval system and track the progress of all forms by assigning custom statuses to ensure that your site is safe, efficient and compliant. 

Enhance safety and QC on the construction site through real-time documenting and reporting using dynamic safety forms and checklists. Quickly identify hazards or defects and deploy immediate follow-up tasks. Empower anyone on your team to address issues in the field:

• Identify issues with annotated photos/videos
• Assign work orders & tasks
• Set due dates & priority levels
• Receive automated alerts when standards are not met
• Keep records of all incidents & reports



Digital Inspection Report with Tasks

FastField makes it simple to keep records of safety and compliance reports with unlimited data storage to create a paper trail for audits. Securely store and view all your reports in one place in the FastField Portal.

Easily facilitate your toolbox/tailgate talks by creating a training form with FastField. Keep your meeting concise with embedded documents, photos and links to videos. Attach acknowledgment sections to your forms with e-signature, geolocation and timestamp features to verify attendance of the talk from each member of your crew.


Demonstrate Environmental Compliance

Digital Inspection Report with Tasks

Keep organized, secure records of inspection reports and other paper trails in the FastField Cloud or any of our third-party integrations. Filter/search reports and view data insights at a glance in the FastField Portal to demonstrate environmental compliance.

FastField makes it simple to keep records of safety and compliance reports with unlimited data storage to create a paper trail for audits. Securely store and view all your reports in one place in the FastField Portal.

Get Your Team on the Same Page (Literally)

Digital Inspection Report with Tasks

Ensure consistency throughout your team with digital inspection forms — managed from a single source of truth. From downtime to energy production, communicate data insights from the FastField Dashboard to keep your team up to speed.

More Features

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Dispatch and Form Routing
Dispatch & Form Routing

Route Forms to Field Staff

Dispatch forms out to contractors and staff, track work order/job stats, Keeping track of the work is progress helps companies manage field agents for on-time delivery.

Dashboards and Data Analytics
Dashboards and Advanced Data Filtering

Turn Data into Information

With our built in Dashboard you can view your data to spot trends and key metrics for your business

Dynamic Forms Workflow
Dynamic Forms Workflow

Route your Forms According to your Business Rules

Setup multi-step customized workflow to deliver your data and report in the format you chose. Forward forms for approval and review

Online Cloud Database
Cloud Database

Unlimited Storage of your data

Form data is stored securely and privately for each customer. Optionally, you can setup a private API Service endpoint for FastField to deliver form data to

Top Rated Support
World Class SUPPORT

Your Success Means Everything!

Although we strive to make FastField completely self service, sometimes it helps to work with an expert. We're here to make your implementation as smooth as possible

App White Labeling
White Labeling

Setup FastField with your Brand

Deploy your own Forms App with your logo and coloring to promote your own business