Logos of companies who use FastField in their business. Coca-Cola, Asplundh, Alaska Air, Pepsi, Oakley, Milwakee, Toro.

Flexible Form Builder

Create any inspection, checklist, survey or custom business form with our online Form Builder

Multiple Platform Support

Fully responsive native mobile forms apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and the web

Ease of Use

Highly intuitive user interface making data collection in the field simpler and more accurate

Custom Workflow and Dispatch

Route forms, reports and data based on your own custom workflow

Offline Data Collection with No Internet Required
Available Anywhere, Anytime!

Offline Data Collection

Collect data in the most remote locations even without an Internet connection. Your form data will automatically save locally and auto-sync data when you re-connect to the Internet.

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Map Your FastField Form to Custom Reports

Output to Your Own PDF and Word Reports

Map your existing PDF and Word templates directly to your FastField forms and have them automatically delivered to your destination of choice.

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a mobile device on top of a stack of company reports
Robust MultiMedia Fields

Image Capture with Annotations and Drawings

Inspection worker scanning barrel with mobile app.

Capture photos from your camera or photo library and auto associate them to GPS locations. Mark up and annotate photos to identify and call out issues captured during your inspections. Capture full-motion video and audio directly into your forms.

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Smart Forms With Customizable Rules

Dynamic Forms Driven By Rules / Skip Logic

Configure your forms to automatically enforce compliance and safety checks. Present only relevant form questions to simplify data entry using hide and show rules. Utilize embedded formulas for scoring and advanced calculations.

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Form Rules and Skip Logic
Charts and Graphs of data displaying the FastField Business Insights Dashboard
Transform Data into meaningful information

Business Insights and Dashboards

  • Quickly create and track key performance indicators, statistics and trends
  • Your forms are automatically integrated with no additional development required
  • No complicated and costly 3rd-party integrations required
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Customize FastField to Fit Your Business

Enterprise System Integrations

Integrate with internal and 3rd-party systems using our API services and workflow actions to deliver your forms and data. Built-in integrations include:

  • Quickbase
  • Sharepoint
  • AWS
  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Zapier
  • And more

FastField also supports Direct Post, which allows you to bypass our cloud storage to route data to a private endpoint.

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Enterprise System Integration for Forms Automation flow chart

More Features

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Dispatch & Form Routing

Route Forms to Field Staff

Dispatch forms out to contractors and staff, while tracking work order/job stats. Keep track of work in progress to help manage field agents for on-time delivery.

Dashboards & Advanced Data Filtering

Turn Data into Information

With our built-in Dashboard you can view your data to spot trends and key metrics for your business.

Dynamic Forms Workflow

Route your Forms According to your Business Rules

Set up multi-step customized workflows to deliver your data and reports in your desired format. Forward forms for approval and review.

Cloud Database

Unlimited Storage of your data

Form data is stored securely and privately for each customer. Optionally, you can set up a private API service endpoint for FastField to deliver form data to.

World-Class SUPPORT

Your Success Means Everything!

Although we strive to make FastField completely self service, sometimes it helps to work with an expert. We're here to make your implementation as smooth as possible.

White Labeling

Set up FastField with your Brand

Deploy your own forms app with your own logo and color scheme to promote your business.

Inspections and Checklists

Standardized Checklists

Dynamic Work Management

See, Connect, and Control Even Your Most Complex Work

Integrate with Quickbase to better run complex projects between the field and the office. Unify data across all your systems to enhance visibility and streamline workflows.

  • Gain a 360° view of each project
  • Automate processes and workflows
  • Track and allocate resources
  • Manage users and apps at scale