How can Web Forms Help?

Customer Intake, Registration, and
Feedback Surveys

Engage with customers anywhere on the Internet. Embed any custom form on your website or simply send a link and capture all data into a single centralized repository.

Human Resource

Streamline Human Resource processes with onboarding forms, guided training, and company wide policy agreements. Secure web links, due dates, and workflow oversight can help you maintain maximum accountability and compliance.

3rd Party Approvals and Automated Workflow

All the features of your advanced workflows for internal forms can be used in web forms! You can allow submissions to carry from external users to internal operations: from customer requests, to work order generation, to field inspection.

paperless data collection
Shareable Links to Dynamic Web Forms

Email WEb Form Links

Use Web Forms to send surveys, get external approvals, and collect feedback with direct links you can send anywhere. Web Forms can also be used to capture anonymous or targeted user content.

FastField Forms Builder
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FastField Offline Mobile Forms App
Your Forms Delivered on Your Website

Embed Forms on Your Website

Embed webforms directly into customer-facing and internal websites to improve engagement and automate data collection.

open Forms with a QR Code

Open Web Forms From a QR Code

Easily access your forms by scanning a QR code. By aiming your camera at the QR code, your form will automatically open on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop browser, making it quick and easy to access and complete forms.

FastField Forms Builder
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Dispatch Single Use Web Form
Privately Deliver Forms to Individuals

Dispatch Private Form links to 3rd Parties

Send one-time, single use forms to 3rd parties with built in traceability and status tracking.

Dispatching Web Forms to individuals allows you to assign a form to a single targeted recipient with pre-populated data.

Centralized Data and Automated Workflow

Collect all your form data through seamless form automation in a secure, centralized data
repository. All your FastField Forms are processed through the same customizable workflow
engine, whether used remotely in the field, online and offline, locally in the office, or
external to your business.

Internal and External Forms
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When do Web Forms Make Sense?

FastField Mobile App

FastField Online Web Forms

Regular Users

In Progress Forms

BarCode / NFC Scanning

Offline Capability /
Optimized for Spotty Network Coverage

Form Library Access

Optimized for Frequent Usage

Kiosk Mode

Dashboard Analytics

Custom PDF / Word Reports

Unlimited Submissions


Open Form From Barcode

Multi-Stage Workflow

External Respondents

Embeddable in Websites

Share as Link

Desktop Access

Times Survey Window

*anonymous forms are charged on a per submission basis.
Setup and Deploy Your Own Online Web Forms

Create Your Own Web Forms!