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Modernize Your Inspection Forms In 3 Simple Steps

Mobile Apps for In the Field Data Collection

A paper form transforming into a digital form by a laptop computer using FastField form building software

1. Build Your Form

Build your own custom inspection, checklist and audit forms using our powerful form's builder. Embed your own safety and compliance rules for realtime validation.

Safety and Compliance Forms App

2. Submit Your Inspection

Collect rich data sets using our intuitive mobile applications that work seamlessly on iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Distribute Inspection Reports and Data

3. Distribute Reports and Analyze Your Data

Distribute your data / reports and automatically dispatch pre-populated forms for maintenance and work-orders.

paperless data collection
A person using a tablet to fill out a safety form


You know that in order for your business to be productive and efficient safety must come first. That’s why we’ve made it easy to incorporate FastField into your daily workflow to help enforce Safety and Compliance.

Equip your team with our easy-to-use digital form solution to ensure the safest work environment.

FastField encourages safety to become an integral part of your organization’s culture and provides all the tools for your team to efficiently report and respond to identified issues.

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FastField makes it easy for employees to quickly review and enforce OSHA and other safety standards.

Integrating digital inspections and safety checklists into your team’s daily routine will allow them to assess risks, report hazards or issues and notify management and the correct personnel to create work orders immediately when the report is submitted.

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A safety and compliance flow chart using if then statements to conditionally hide and show information
Flowchart showing risk and priority assessment


Flowchart showing risk and priority assessment

Through the use of FastField and the data your team collects you can be aware of failed inspections, recurring issues and weak points in your operation so you can make preventative adjustments. You can also be alerted to the severity of the incident so that you can prioritize  the response through an automated workflow.

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With the power of FastField’s data analytics you can highlight the correlation between a safer work environment and incident rates. Keep track of your sites’ safety scores and incident rates to prove the impact of safety on performance. With FastField, help ensure a safer environment for your employees so they can focus on the needs of the business.

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Mobile phone application showing site locations and their corresponding safety score and incident rate
man wearing a hard hat and high visibility vest taking a photo using a tablet of a chemical barrel


+ Incident Reporting
+ Health and Safety Compliance
+ Risk Assessment and Scoring
+ Exception Based Routing
+ Mitigation Task Management

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Automate Your Data Collection Workflow

Enterprise Grade Inspection reporting Software

Customizable Forms Builder

Fully Customizable

Build inspections, audits, checklists, timesheets or any other custom forms.

Offline Data Collection App

Offline Data Capture

Collect form data in remote locations even without an Internet connection.

Automated Report Delivery

Automated Report
& Data Delivery

Map your FastField forms directly to your custom PDF and Word report templates.

Image Capture and Annotations

Image Capture with Annotations & Drawings

Photo capture with date/time and GPS location stamping and drawings.

Location Tracking

GEO Tagging / TimeStamps

Tag data elements with latitude/longitude coordinates and timestamps to identify where and when data was collected.

Digital Paperless Workflow

Dispatch & Dynamic
Workflow / Integrations

Automate form dispatch and delivery of reports/data based on your specific business rules and workflow.


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Seamless Offline Data Collection

Collect data in the most remote locations, even without an Internet connection. Your forms will automatically save data locally on your device and sync when you re-connect to the Internet.

Setup and Deploy Your Own Inspection Reporting Solution

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