5 Reasons to go paperless

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The days of fumbling through paper forms in the field have blown away (as paper forms so often do). Not only do they often result in illegible, erroneous reports, but physical documents also lead to slow data transfer and disorganization.  

The solution? Go paperless. FastField’s digital forms and automated workflow solution is easy to use and provides instant, invaluable benefits to keep your operations running efficiently and safely.

Here are the top 5 reasons to go paperless with FastField:

#1: Better, Smarter Data Collection

When it comes to capturing evidence and data from the field, nothing beats the efficiency of digital forms. FastField’s built-in mobile form features allow users to quickly input clear, accurate and validated data – all from one device:
  1. Photo, video & audio capture
  2. Time & location stamps
  3. Barcode, QR code & NFC tag compatibility
  4. Dropdown selection lists
  5. Skip logic
  6. E-signatures

#2: Easily Customizable

Unlike paper forms, which require a great deal of time and resources to update and edit, digital forms allow quick and instant customization. FastField’s flexible Form Builder lets you easily build forms tailored to your team’s needs.

Need to quickly edit or update a form? Simply open it up in the Portal, make your edits and republish it for an instant update of all previously dispatched versions of the form. Instant version control means no more copy machines and hunting down outdated documents.

#3: Reduce errors

The human element is what keeps businesses running. Dedication, instinct, intuition and teamwork are all essential ingredients that can’t be replaced by technology. Where humans could use a little help, however, is with our error-prone data entry tasks.

Whether it’s a typo, miscalculation or “mind blank,” the power of technology can help eliminate these potentially costly and harmful errors during data collection. That’s why FastField is equipped with the smart features you need to reduce human error and its impact on your data:
  1. Auto-calculations
  2. Auto-populated fields
  3. Dropdown selection lists
  4. Formula-based scoring

#4 Automated workflows

A paper inspection form’s journey from the field to the back office could rival some of the great epics of history. Throw in multiple handoffs, approvals and related work orders and it’s often a real challenge to keep track of – let alone act on its data in a timely manner.

With an automated workflow, forms get submitted instantly to predetermined destinations based on data triggers. For example, if an inspector indicates a malfunction of a specific component, that could trigger a notification to the appropriate maintenance personnel while the form is simultaneously submitted to a supervisor.  

FastField’s Global Workflow solution lets you automate and track the delivery of your forms each step of the way:
  1. Automated multi-path workflows
  2. Automated multi-step approval system
  3. Third-party integrations for delivery endpoints
  4. Custom Form Statuses to monitor progress
  5. Data-triggered alerts & delivery paths

#5 Meaningful Business Insights at a Glance

Data is meant to inform decisions. With complex operations, however, sometimes data can be overwhelming or get lost in the jumble. That’s why FastField transforms your report data into meaningful information that’s important to your business.

Your own fully-customizable Dashboard is where you can view trends, KPIs, statistics and other real-time insights at a glance to help you make informed decisions. Set up multiple dashboards for different departments so that your teams are able to monitor the data necessary to keep all aspects of your organization operating smoothly.
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