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alerts based oN Your key performance indicators

KPIs, or Key Performance Indicators, are calculated values or metrics set by you that help provide specific insight into your business performance and health. These can be custom tailored for your organization and are generated using your collected form data. 

Setup and Automatically Track Multiple KPIs

FastField AIM is capable of tracking multiple KPIs. Monitor for spikes in reported safety issues, inspection anomalies or any other type of event instantaneously. Set a KPI for the target amount for an issue or goal, and be alerted right away when a form is submitted that surpasses that threshold.

Line graph showing key performance indicators and safety incident counts
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Get notified when Important Things Happen

FastField AIM continually aggregates and analyzes your data and notifies you when something important is found based on your preferences. Alerts can be sent in real time or scheduled for frequency or a certain time of day or week via email, push notifications, or custom web-hooks. Once you've set up your AIM alerts, we'll take care of the rest! 

CUSTOMIZE YOUR KPIS and start tracking them today

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