How Mobile Forms Work

Create Forms step one

Create Forms using the Online Form Builder
Deploy Your Mobile Forms to the Form Apps

Mobile Forms Software form builder

During the setup process, you can create forms online yourself or we can help convert your existing forms into FastField mobile forms. Forms are created using the FastField online form builder tools. Extremely complex forms can be designed with skip logic, rules, in-form scripting, hide and show controls, stored data tables that map to fields (select once - populate many). As many forms as you need can be created and organized within the administration portal.

Depending on the number of forms in your organization, they can be grouped into Form Libraries. Form Libraries serve as means to logically group forms around job functions, tasks or groups of users with a similar job function. This gives you more refined control over who has access to what mobile forms. Once the forms have been configured in FastField they are deployed to our FastField Mobile Form Servers.

Mobile Forms step two

Complete Your Forms Using The FastField Forms Mobile App (iOS and Android)

Mobile Forms Android and iOS Apps

Mobile users access their forms using the FastField mobile forms app on either Android or IOS devices. Form updates are retrieved automatically by FastField so that users are always kept in sync with the latest form version. The mobile app works seamlessly in both a connected and disconnected environments ensuring no disruption to the user's workflow. Whenever connectivity is re-established after working offline, form data is seamlessly sync'd with the cloud data vault or posted directly to your own internal servers.

FastField has dispatch capabilities. The dispatch feature transforms FastField into an effective staff management tool. Deliver form requests instantly or message a user about an outstanding form. Track who has an assignment and when they completed the tasks. Dispatching allows a company to have real-time information on their mobile work-force and the status of the work to be completed.

Mobile Forms step three

Access Your Mobile Forms Data on Our Data Portal, Direct Post, Through API, and Zapier

Mobile Forms with cloud data storage

The data collected using FastField mobile forms is centrally managed in a secure document vault using a fortune Amazon S3 and Azure cloud hosting services. Both Amazon and Azure comply with UK and Australian Safe Harbor.

Mobile Forms database Software

The FastField Data Vault allows for very flexible data querying and extraction. Unlike traditional schema based storage solutions, FastField leverages a schema-less document storage facility, offering query-able data accessed by any field in your mobile form.

Mobile Forms IPad Forms App

Authorized Data Recipients can access records via Data Access Portal or extract data/reports via Data Access APIs. Additionally, form data can be mapped directly into a fillable PDF report and delivered directly to the end recipient from the app.

FastField supports the integration of your organization's own custom PDF and Word report templates to help you achieve your own reporting look and feel. Each mobile form can automatically deliver different reports to different recipients all from the same data set.

Mobile Forms testimonial review
"Clean and Intuitive, user-friendly UI Great built-in visualization, administration and reporting capabilities, Fantastic customer and technical service, super-fast response time when troubleshooting is needed, Best values for your buck hands down!"
David Galvez
Culex Environmental
Mobile Forms workflow review
"Throughout years of testing many mobile forms tools I have discovered that FastField is the most advanced. True story. I guarantee it."
John Lewis
CEO, Intellaegis
person gave review
"I needed help to build a very detailed and complex form. Merge Mobile worked with me through several iterations and were very patient and accommodating with our small changes. I would recommend trying them."
John Velasquez
Maintenance Supervisor, Uptown Apartments
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