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Mobile Inspections Software

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Deployment in Minutes

Deploy your own custom mobile inspection forms to any number of users and field staff. We will have you performing mobile inspections in no time!

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Capture Advanced Data

Leverage mobile software to collect richer data sets including geo-locations, photos, videos, audio, drawings and much more!

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Have Your Own App

FastField can be branded as your own app. Have your employees and contractors using an app that is completely branded as your company.

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Transform your paper inspections into a mobile application

FastField uses smart-rules technology, drop down lists, and lookup tables to streamline your mobile inspection and checklists workflow, well beyond that of a paper-based solution. The power of FastField’s rules engine within your data collection form will unlock the true potential of a mobile data collection process. Capture the true complexity of your business needs without complicating the user’s ability to perform their job. By leveraging FastField's dynamic rule capabilities, your forms present the most relevant questions to your users.

FastField helps increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your data collection process by incorporating smart rule logic. With the FastField Rules and Skip Logic engine you can:

  • -Branching and Skip Logic within Your Form
  • -Conditionally Triggered Events
  • -Rules to Prompt User Behavior
  • -Conditional Instructions Based on User Context
  • -Lookup Tables to Accelerate Entry

No Connection - Many form solutions are dependent on a server connection to execute business rules. FastField is truly a seamless offline capable solution. When working without an Internet connection you still achieve 100% functionality, even running embedded rule logic.

Using our Website, you can setup your own forms within minutes. Don't have time? Send us a copy of your forms and we'll have our form experts’ get you setup. We accept PDFs, Word Documents and even fax or paper copies. FastField forms are built upon native user interface controls allowing for efficient and simplified data capture from the latest smart phones and tablets.

Print Your Inspection To A Professional PDF Output

Now that you have collected your inspection data you have intenal people and external customers that need a professional report emailed to them upon completion. FastField maps your data into your standard business report that you use internally or externally. That report can be emailed to your customer or intenral support team upon completion. There are no delays and your final product retains the professional look and feel that you are accustom to having.

We Can Direct Feed Data into Your Systems

When your inspection is complete, ultimately the content needs to feed back into your own business systems. FastField exposes several APIs for direct delivery into your own internal system. Additionally, inspection reports can be automatically delivered to specified locations including email and FTP.

If you're in need of a hosted technology solution, you can leverage the FastField portal to manage your reports, manage data created in the field, and take advantage of cloud-based storage.

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Our team's experience runs deep in building advanced data collection technology. We're experts at understanding the business complexity of inspections, collection of data, and co-existing with your existing technology. We are confident that FastField will be the clear choice as a premium mobile forms technology. Get started with a FREE TRIAL to see our clear advantage.

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