Inspections App Feature Set

We make the conversion form paper to mobile forms easy. With FastField, its takes no time at all to create new forms or to turn tired paper forms into intelligent, easy-to-use mobile forms that work with any mobile device. Form data uploads to our secure cloud server (or your system) and integrates easily into your back-office and other internal systems.

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Standard Inspection Forms with rules, dispatch and workflow
inspection app software
Populate Custom Fillable PDF Reports
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White Label or integrate into your app. Quote: "Fantastic Product!"
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Over 500 integration and delivery options
Ipad inspection Forms

Device Support

 iPad, iPhone (IOS) 
inspection Forms for Android

Unlimited Data Collection

 Unlimited Forms
 Unlimited Submissions
 Unlimited Storage
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Robust User Experience

 Native Application Interface for Unparalleled User Experience
 Simple and Intuitive User Interface
 Autosave Capabilities and Unlimited In-Progress Work
 Automatic Form Update Retrieval, Caching and Syncing
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Rapid and Flexible Form Setup

 Intuitive Professional Grade Form Editor
 Form Creation via Excel Templates
 Rapid Form Setup via Form and Field Cloning
inspection checklists for Android

Offline Support

 Offline / Disconnected Data Capture
 Offline Skip Logic and Rule Support
 Caching of Large External Reference Data Sets
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Dispatch and Form Routing

 Dispatch Forms (Tasks and Work Orders) to Individual Users via API, Spreadsheet and Online Wizard
 Pre-Population of Form Data
 Memory Fields and Default Values
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Skip Logic, Branching and Embedded Rules

 Robust Rules Engine and Smart Forms
 Skip Logic and Branching
 Embedded Formulas and Advanced Calculations
 Formula Based Form Scoring
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Reporting and Data Retrieval

 Data Export to Excel, PDF, CSV, and JSON
 Advanced Data Filtering and Query Capabilities
 Customizable Dashboard Reporting
 HTML Reporting
 Aggregated Statistics and Reporting
 Custom PDF Reporting Capabilities
 PDF Generation Direct from Device
checklist IOS Forms for IPad

White Label / Custom Branding

 White Label App and Services for Customized Branding
 Customizable Email Templates for User Messaging
 Brandable Web Forms
checklist IPad Forms for Data Capture

Robust Media Capture

 Integrated Photo Capture Annotations and Sketch
 Multi-Photo Capture with Captions
 Photo Capture with Date/Time and GPS Location Stamping
 Integrated Audio Capture
 Integrated Video Capture
checklist IOS Forms for inspections

GPS and Location Tracking

 Location Capture via Device’s GPS
 GPS Location Viewing on Integrated Map
IPad Forms for Offline Capture


 Role-Based Permissions
 Secure Data Transfer and Storage
 Direct Data Delivery To On-Premise Proprietary Servers
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External Data Reference

 Embedded List Data
 Document Integration and In-App Viewing (PDF, PowerPoint, Excel)
 Cacheable and Filterable In-App Lists
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 Multiple Record Capture
 Form Reuse via Subform Linkage
checklist inspections Offline Data Capture


 Cloud or On-Premise Data Hosting
 Direct Data Delivery via HTTP Post, FTP, SFTP and Email
 Robust API for Customized System Integrations for Workflow
Ipad inspection Software

Barcode / QR Scanning

 QR and Barcode Scanning for Rapid Data Input 
ipad inspections-app

Web Surveys

 Non Authenticated Web Feedback Surveys
 Surveys via Web URL or QR Code
 Browser Access from Desktops and Mobile Devices
IOS inspection forms software

Enterprise Level Integration

 API’s and Web Services for Advanced Custom Workflow
 Direct Data Delivery To On-Premise Proprietary Servers
 Private Data Storage
 Feature Enhancements and Customizations
IOS Offline Inspections Software

Field Types

 Long Text
 Static Photo
 Single Photo
 Multiple Photos with Captions
 Yes, No, NA
 Reference Data List
 GPS Location
 Sub Form
 Static Text
 Formatted Input
 Document Viewer
 Computed Label

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