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Forms application software for inspections, checklists, workorders, and business forms of many types.

Improved data collection using off-the-shelf mobile devices.

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Seamless Offline
Data Collection

FastField works seamlessly between online and offline connectivity! When a device re-enters connectivity data is automatically synced up to the cloud or posted to your internal servers.

No disruptions! No down time!

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Proven ROI!
Save Time and Money!

More accurate and faster data capture through the use of auto-fill tables, drop-down lists, photos, annotated photos, barcodes, videos, audio, drawings, geo tracking and more!

Your Form, Your Data, Anytime, Anywhere!

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Powerful Online Form Builder Tools!

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Deployment in Minutes

Quickly deploy your own custom forms to any number of private user groups. We'll get you up and running in no time! Contact us today and well send you an account to try us out risk free.

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Online form builder
Mobile Data Capture

Leverage the latest in form-app software to collect richer and more robust information. Including; geo-locations, barcode, photos, videos, audio, drawings and more!

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Data and Reporting

Access the information created in real-time by using our FastField Access Portal or get a direct post to your proprietary systems.

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Mobile Forms Software for Many Industries

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Out With Paper, In With Mobile Forms

FastField eliminates the need for paper, reduces input errors and empower your organization with a complete mobile form solution. Whether your in need of business forms or inspection forms, our native mobile apps will help you perform your field data capture with ease.

Using our online administration portal, you can setup your own forms within minutes.
Don't have minutes to spare? Send us a copy of your form and we'll have our form experts get you setup. We accept PDFs, Word Documents and even fax or paper copies. FastField forms are built upon native user interface controls allowing for an efficient and simplified UI experience using off-the-shelf tablet and smartphone devices.

Create Dynamic Mobile Business Forms

FastField's smart-logic technology lets you create a business form on the fly. As users answer questions, your form can automatically move them along to the next question you need them to answer. No more guiding users with statements like “If no, skip to question ___.” FastField moves users for you.

Distribute your Mobile Form Instantly

Once you create a form in the FastField portal, delivering it to your mobile users is quite simple. FastField supports a range of options from a simple one click deployment process to a very controlled delivery of form libraries to specific user groups.

FastField forms are made available to your user community immediately through an intuitive, native forms application. The FastField Forms App can be used seamlessly in both online and offline environments allowing your users to collect information without disruption to existing user workflows.

Collect Data in Real-Time

With FastField Mobile Data Collection Software, you will no longer need to transcribe or key information from legacy paper or PDF forms. FastField can employ rules and logic to validated your form entry, once posted your information is immediately available on the web. Electronic form data capture standardizes the information and enforces information quality and integrity. In addition to the benefits of realtime access, your business forms will support advanced media collection such as video, audio, photographs, sketches and more. See our full list of Forms Application Features.

Easy Access to your Data

Collecting information in FastField is not only achieved in real-time, but is accessible in real-time. Your information can be retrieved through our Online Access Portal or pushed directly into your proprietary systems using our Data Retrieval APIs. FastField form data is transmitted in standard formats such as JSON and CSV allowing for straight forward system integration. If you require a custom PDF Report output, FastField can also merge your data directly into your own custom PDF Report Templates.

FastField Mobile Forms

FastField is a Mobile Forms App that delivers enterprise class mobile data collection system tools for off-the-shelf mobile devices. Complete with an online form builder, seamless offline data capture, dispatch, API's and robust features. Get Started with your free trial!