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About Merge Mobile - The Mobile Forms Experts!

The world took flight in the last ten years. Phones got smart. Desktops grew wings. Software gave birth to a baby named “Mobile Apps.’ But as with any mass transit to a new dimension, some things got left behind. Like mobile forms. The paper-heavy world of business forms couldn’t make the leap to mobility without a helping hand. So we here at Merge Mobile took on the challenge of developing what the mobile workforce needed—a cross-platform, device-independent business forms technology that moves forms to mobile devices. We knew that it couldn’t stop there. To do it right, we had to rock it out of the ballpark by building a mobile forms solution that met every need and wish-list item. The ideal solution had to be:

  • Totally customizable and so dynamic that our mobile forms actually create the path that guides users along the right course
  • Loaded with useful features, like allowing users to include digital signatures, barcodes, annotated images, sketches, and more
  • Audit-trail optimized with detailed info that includes user name, device, time date, and GPS stamps
  • Able to auto populate mobile forms with data from company generated data systems—quickly
  • Capable of integrating mobile form data collection back into company systems—easily
  • So scalable it can handle forms ranging from small and simple to massive and complex
  • Manageable 24/7 through an easy-to-use Web interface
  • That’s a daunting requirements list; so we handpicked a team of remarkable technologists who could make it happen. We got the job done, and our patent-pending technology quickly began to turn heads, earning us a special recognition from Apple® as one of the most innovative apps of the year. But we didn’t do this to win awards. We did it because we understand business, and we know what companies need to make profits soar.
    Merge Mobile Executive Team
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    Jeff Stay

    Co-Founder, President

    Tech with a purpose

    While Jeff's credentials earn him respect in the tech world, he attributes his business success to knowing that technology’s only real value lies in the benefits it delivers to people and businesses.

    Prior to co-founding Merge Mobile, Jeff earned his stripes designing automated systems that improved efficiency in the mortgage and finance industries. He co-founded VisionCore, a software engineering firm specializing in custom software design and development that was acquired by CoreLogic in 2005. Jeff continued on with CoreLogic, serving as vice president of the company’s professional services group and innovation lab until he decided to strike out to start Merge Mobile.

    Jeff’s more than 20 years in technology consulting began at Accenture® and has included major product and systems development projects for a variety of industries. He obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business/Management Information Systems at California Polytechnic State University.
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    Steve Schroeder

    Co-Founder, Chief Strategy Officer, Former CEO of CoreLogic

    Find the needs and fill them

    A startup veteran who co-founded CoreLogic, now a $6 billion public company (CLGX), Steve knows success results from finding technology solutions that simplify existing processes or add new, much- needed capabilities. In his role as chief strategy officer, Steve stays busy discovering potential clients’ unmet needs and helping the company define and develop commanding solutions. It’s a process he knows well from his early days at CoreLogic, when he and his small team revolutionized automated valuation models (AVMs) for residential properties.

    Under his leadership, CoreLogic grew quickly, gaining a place on the Inc. 500 list of Fastest Growing Companies, and earned respect for its ability to find and fill mortgage industry gaps with innovative analytic tools. As CEO, Steve spearheaded CoreLogic’s development of LoanSafe®, HistoryPro®, AVMSelect®, and many other automated tools that gained wide industry acceptance. Prior to the selling CoreLogic to First American Real Estate Solutions in 2007, Steve’s technologies were in use at most of the country’s top-ten lenders and were processing more than 70 percent of all U.S. mortgages.
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    Darrell Snook

    Director of Product Development

    If you’re going to do it, do it right

    Heading up product development in a place that moves at crazy-fast speeds takes a rare combination of skills. You have to know the technology side as well as your team, which isn’t easy when you hire genius developers. But you also need the skills to lead and manage those very bright people. Darrell brings it all. Prior to joining Merge Mobile, Darrell helped VisionCore Consulting pivot from a pure professional services consultancy to a SasS product maker by launching the company's flagship mortgage software suite of products.

    Darrell has also held technical leadership positions at Active Network, CoreLogic and Sapient Corporation. Darrell has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business/IS from the University of Southern California. And after working with him at different companies for more than ten years, Jeff and Steve knew he was the guy who could turn the FastFields idea into a screaming fast, super-smart, ultra-easy solution. Turns out they were right.

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    Matthew Frye

    Sales and Marketing

    Intuitive Design & Customer Focus

    When it comes to creating a user interface, looks are everything. As a graphic designer and fine artist, Matt knows that every pixel counts. Because within the thin membrane of screen between the user and code lies that magic that brings technology to life. Though Matt’s role has expanded beyond the role of art director, he brings his keen appreciation of the user experience to the sales and marketing team. He knows that pictures tell stories, and visual messages draw people in. And when people who must use a product enjoy the experience, everyone wins.

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    Kirt Kaempfer

    Sales and Marketing

    Winners build winning apps

    You learn a lot about someone’s character when you compete against them. You know how well they treat their clients and what those clients think of them. If you sell against products they designed, you know how well they do at getting it right in big and little ways. So after selling competing products for almost 20 years, Kirt had no doubt that the Merge Mobile team would serve up a winner. When he saw he was right, his decision to join the team was a no-brainer.

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    Patrick McCarthy

    Sales and Marketing

    No Pain, All Gain

    It’s fashionable for people in sales to say they’re in “business development.” And that’s exactly the kind of doublespeak Patrick avoids. With 25 years’ experience in sales, Patrick knows that success is easy. All you have to do is represent an amazing product that people need and tell its story well. Before coming to Merge Mobile, Patrick worked with some of the leading data and analytic companies, selling powerful products that turn data into useful intelligence. That experience taught him an important lesson—paper is a pain. It’s hard to track, gets lost, and holds data captive. He chose Merge Mobile because he saw how easily FastFields eases that pain, turning paper into data that clients can use to improve everything they do.

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    Jon Lathrop

    Sales and Marketing

    Never Say Quit!

    I know you need FastField! It might take a bit of looking to come to the same conclusion but I'm sure that everyone needs FastField... They just don't know it yet. When they finally come to the same conclusion I'm here to help.

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    Stephen McCormick

    Senior Software Architect

    Make it fly

    Stephen got his start programming flight simulators, bringing the real world into the digital realm. More than 25 years later, he’s come full circle, designing applications that make paper fly into digital space. Between his aerial adventures, Steve honed his technical prowess at Sprint Nextel, IBM and CoreLogic. Because most of the Merge Mobile team members had worked with Steve at CoreLogic, so they knew he was a master at programming across a laundry list of platforms, and he’s a really nice guy. So they hired him.

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    Dave Smart

    Senior Development Manager

    I Call it "Smart Code"

    No, he doesn’t have an uncle named Maxwell. And please don’t ask to borrow his shoe phone. But would you believe…Dave’s really good at the old programming the application trick? Bad puns aside, Dave is a crack programmer who can turn a good idea into solid code that makes a good idea great. He joined the Merge Mobile team with more than 12 years in the software development field. The Merge Mobile knew Dave’s work from CoreLogic, so when it came time to hire a Senior Software Developer; the order went out to “Get Smart.”

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    Andrew Lathrop

    Client Support Manager

    We Can Fix Anything!

    I don’t need a witty saying or a lot of extra words to get my job done. Give my team a computer and a problem to solve and we can fix it!